Welcome to Pellar Family Law:

289610-xlargePellar Family Law came into being in 2006. However, its lawyer, Rose Pellar, has had almost 20 years of experience as a Family Law Lawyer.

We understand that the end of a spousal relationship can be devastating and that the situation can be made worse by “fights” over the children, support payments, and property. Most divorces can be settled without a court battle. An out-of-court divorce settlement is much easier emotionally on you and your children, and takes less time and is far less expensive.

Your end goal is to obtain a legal agreement which will deal with all the issues arising from your separation/divorce.

As soon as you call for your first appointment, you have developed a relationship with us and our aim is to provide you with compassionate and professional legal assistance in Family Law matters.

Fees will be discussed in more detail at your retainer appointment which is booked after your initial consultation when you decide to retain our services.

Your first meeting with us is called an initial consultation, during which

  • you will provide details of your marriage and separation,
  • we will tell you about your rights and your obligations, and
  • we will discuss what is your next best step.

When you decide that you would like Pellar Family Law to represent you, you will sign a Retainer Agreement and pay the Retainer fee which is a deposit from which your fees will be paid.

You are considered a client only when you have signed our Retainer Agreement and you pay us a retainer fee.

Our aim is to maintain a professional relationship with you during our retainer whilst ensuring that you are personally satisfied with our services. In order to do this, we promise to ensure there is no undue delay in the progress of your matter and to keep you fully informed on a timely basis.

Our commitment to you is to ensure that you get all the information you need in order to make an informed decision.